Exceptional musicians for all of life's special events

Musiciens exceptionnels pour tout événement

Amazing Grace - Bagpipes
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Marie's Wedding - Bagpipes
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Irish Guards Welcome - Bagpipes
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Scotland the Brave - Bagpipes
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Did you know that bagpipes, in some form, go back at least 3,000 years? We have very experienced pipers who can play your favourite tunes--old and new--at your choice of traditional and not-so traditional events. A piper in full regalia can lead you in and out of the church on your wedding day, welcome guests at your reception... pipe the traditional tunes at Burns Day celebration...get the folks dancing at your Ceilidh...or help bid farewell to a dear one.

Whether you are looking for a solo piper, a piper and drums, or a full pipe band, we know that the bagpipes make an impressive sight and sound at all occasions.



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